My name is Michael Lunceford. I’m the principal photographer at Sky of Texas Wedding Photography. I took up photography in 2003, started shooting weddings in 2010, and have since photographed well over two hundred weddings.

It was only natural that I should become a wedding photographer. I love photographing people, and weddings represent human expression at its very best. I try to tell the story as completely as possible, capturing details, candid moments, and the beauty and pageantry of the event.

Another reason for my attraction to wedding photography is the challenge. Very few art forms are more challenging. Photographing weddings requires a variety of skills including expertise with cameras, flash techniques, shooting in various lighting, posing, and people skills. The wedding photographer must be able to utilize his skills in constantly changing, fast paced environments, under pressure, with no second chances. Having been a jazz musician, I am comfortable working spontaneously.

Artistic satisfaction is important to me, but even more important still, is customer satisfaction. I have found that when I am satisfied with my work, so are my customers. Seems to be a good modus operandi so far. I am grateful for the opportunity to share your joy.

                                                                             – Michael Lunceford

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